Over the years we have created highest benchmarks for quality in the textile industry. We have a team of efficient supervisors who ensure that every quality standards are met throughout the production process. In addition, stringent quality checks are carried out to ensure production of top quality fabrics and garments, meeting the requirements of our clients.
Research & Development
We lay due importance on the research and development, as innovation and creativity leads an organization to the new paths of success. Keeping in the mind the fact, we have developed a separate R&D wing that is assisted by a competent team of research scholars. They understand their line of work and make sure that each and every face of the market is thoroughly read, so that we can make apt and requisite changes in our existing range and develop a new one accordingly.
  • With the assistance of our R&D professionals, we have been capable of keeping a track of India’s textile equipment development and it is not difficult for us to see that after nearly 10 years rapid development.
  • EROS FASHION has to face to his downturn; our management and administration are challenged.
  • For EROS FASHION, the development of EROS Brand and the excellent quality is the precondition of our existence and grandness.
  • In the future, it is very difficult for a no brand company to survive in the fierce competition.
  • So, it is a urgent project for EROS FASHION to cultivate and promote its brand.
  • There are two aspects EROS FASHION is working, we must do a good marketing not only the Gujarat market but also out state market